Celebration Cake, Cardiff

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Giant Cupcakes, Cardiff


Here is a guide to the cutting cake sizes I can bake and the recommended servings. This guide is based on rather small slices. Please take the time to measure what you think you require for your occasion to ensure there will be enough cake for all your guests. Prices are a guide for basic decoration. Please call to discuss your designs or email pictures of your dream cake and I can give you a quote.

Customised cakes take hours and hours of work. Please give 5 days notice for customised cupcakes and giant cupcakes where at all possible. For cutting cakes I would ideally like 14 days notice.


Cake Servings & Price Guide

Customised Cupcakes


Giant Cupcake with 8 Mini Cupcakes

Giant Cupcake, Cardiff

Cutting Cakes

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